WinStars 3.0

WinStars shows you the objects in the Solar System in 3D.
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WinStars is a program that shows you the objects in the Solar System in 3D.
WinStars has a database of 2,500,000 stars, a catalogue of 10,000 nebulae, galaxies and star clusters, a calculation of astronomical phenomena visible from the Earth, a calculation of the positions of the principal satellites of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, comets and asteroids and an outline of the celestial equator, the ecliptic, and a grid of azimuthal and equatorial coordinates.

The program begins showing you the Astronomical Ephemeris of the day.

Next, it offers you to update the orbital elements through Internet.

Then, you can choose what to watch. You begin in the Earth. You can see the constellations and its names. You can locate, for example, a probe. The program will give you all the information about it and its exact position at the moment.

You can then watch the skies from a satellite, or another planet. You can print a stellar map, or save it to disk, zoom in or out, see or hide the names or use lots of other features.

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